Samuel Sinyangwe

Samuel Sinyangwe is a policy analyst and data scientist who works with communities of color to fight systemic racism through cutting-edge policies and strategies. Sam has supported movement activists across the country to collect and use data as a tool for fighting police violence through Mapping Police Violence and to advocate for policy solutions to end police violence through Campaign Zero. Previously, Sam worked at PolicyLink to support a national network of 61 Promise Neighborhoods communities to build cradle-to-career systems of support for low-income families. He also worked with city leaders, youth activists and community organizations develop comprehensive agendas to achieve quality education, health, and justice for young black men. Sam grew up in Orlando, FL, and has been involved in organizing and advocacy since he was in high school. He graduated from Stanford University in 2012, where he studied how race and racism impact the U.S. political system.

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How can we achieve a renewed democracy?

Democracy in the United States is currently under threat. Voter suppression efforts, misinformation campaigns, and the demagoguery of the incoming President-elect threaten to undermine US political institutions and restrict political participation. Renewing democracy, under these circumstances, requires a mass movement. It requires building new systems, structures, and technologies that can scale activism to involve the millions of citizens who care about their democracy, inform them, and engage them in the work of holding their elected leaders accountable (not just on election day through voting, but also in everyday work that truly leverages each person’s the skills and capacities towards the goal of changing our politics). 

What should be the outcomes of the Democracy Night?

To take this dialogue a step further, I’d recommend including/producing resources that empower citizens with data and other resources they need to advocate for equity and social justice.

Resources and articles:

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