2016 December 8 09:15
15 min
Pitch corner (Iéna)
Implementation of open government


Explore a concrete blueprint for open information and participatory government from the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation – Canada’s first open-by-default public service institution – that other organizations can use to establish open information initiatives.

Open information is the next frontier for the open government agenda, with great potential for enabling open dialogue and participatory government. While open data is well understood and embraced in many quarters, open information faces a host of policy, legal, logistical, security, and cultural challenges.

The Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation (CSTMC) Open Heritage portal is the first of its kind in open information and open government, providing direct, real-time digital access to unpublished information and knowledge CSTMC holds in trust for all Canadians, and to working files and decision making records it creates in the course of carrying out its mandate. CSTMC staff are empowered to share directly from the electronic document management system that they use every day to manage their working documents. The platform embraces open innovation, truly enabling employees to work “open by default.”

CSTMC is using the Open Heritage portal to engage with external stakeholders in shared cultural development. By opening up its information holdings and working information, the museums are fostering participatory heritage, allowing citizens to better engage in dialogue with the museums and their work. The portal is part of a broader open innovation agenda for the museums, in which CSTMC is working with its colleagues across the Government of Canada on harnessing these initiatives to help address public policy issues and move open government benchmarks forward.

Alex Benay, President and CEO of the CSTMC, will explore how to tackle the challenges of open government, discussing CSTMC's journey as an open institution, and how the Open Heritage portal represents a potential blueprint for Open by Default across the broader global public sector.

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About The Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation

The Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation is responsible for preserving and protecting Canada’s scientific and technological heritage and promoting and sharing knowledge about it. The Corporation and its three Museums — the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, and the Canada Science and Technology Museum — tell the stories of Canadian ingenuity and achievement in science and technology, and demonstrate how these accomplishments have contributed to the building of Canada.

In keeping with its mandate to foster a culture of science and technology in Canada, the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation is taking a leadership role in providing open access to its research and information assets. This initiative provides digital open access to the knowledge it holds in trust for all Canadians. The Corporation’s open access policy is being undertaken in the context of Canada’s Open Government Action Plan. It is the first national museum in Canada to create such a platform. It also was the first to release its artifact and collection as open data, and is a partner in the crowdsourced Innovation Canada 150 digital storybook of Canadian innovation.

Mode of Facilitation: Presentation by Alex Benay, with questions and discussion. Can also be incorporated into a Roundtable Panel on the theme of implementing open government.


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