2016 December 8 13:00
50 min
Amphitheâtre (Iéna)
Open data and Open resources


The OGP Joint Declaration on Open Government for the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, includes the ‘support [towards the] development of the international Open Data Charter (ODC) and its implementation in our countries’ as one of its main commitments. Two months after the launch of the Declaration, an initial set of 11 governments announced their adherence to the Open Data Charter at the Open Government Partnership Global Summit in Mexico, setting the stage for what are now recognized as sound and widely acceptable set of principles, which have been adopted and endorsed by 52 governments, civil society, multilaterals and private sector organizations, and is building on its momentum to scale adoption and support implementation.

In this scenario, *a high level plenary session at the OGP Global Summit in France is the ideal forum in which to showcase what the Charter can offer to the open government agenda, its impact so far and what its future looks like through a round of adoptions and the launch of new tools available to everyone through the Charter`s Resource Center-. *

Format: Panel, 5 min interventions from representatives.

There is growing evidence that the ODC is increasingly becoming a useful resource to promote high level commitments and serve as a guiding framework for strengthening the development of open data policies in support of Open Government agendas, including National Action Plans, worldwide.

Furthermore, it has also served as a forum to promote open government principles across sectors through the creation of concrete impact in priority global agendas such as anti corruption, agriculture and climate change.

The high level roundtable will be composed of data users from of Governments, Civil Society and Private Sector, that will each present the real life impact of the Open Data Charter, by showcasing how the Principles translate to Practice, and what Open Governments look like in action.

Participants and outline of the Roundtable:

Open Data Charter Coordinator, Moderator

1) Introductory video - A year in the life of the Open Data Charter and new adopters

2) High level representative, Government of France | Open Data by Default

3) Centre for Internet & Society | Timely and comprehensive Open Data

4) Web Foundation | Accessible and usable Open Data

5) Omidyar |Impact through Comparability and Interoperability of Open Data

6) High level representative, Government of Mexico, the political host of the ODC | Open Data for Improved Governance and Citizen Engagement

7) ODI| Open Data for Inclusive Development and Innovation

8) High Level representative from adopting Governments | What the Charter can do for you?