Josh is currently the Director of Innovation at Development Gateway, including guiding management of software activities for USAID's Higher Education Solutions Network Award to the AidData Center for Development Policy. His work includes developing new program areas for DG; creating learning-oriented approaches to understanding fiscal governance and data use; assessing government and development partner systems and processes; scoping and managing IT systems; and guiding program design. Josh has overseen the maintenance and development of DG’s Aid Management Platform, an Aid Information Management System deployed in 25+ countries. A long-time contributor to IATI through the Steering Committee and Technical Advisory Groups, Josh has contributed the development of open data standards, including co-authoring the International Aid Transparency Initiative geocoding standard and active contributions to the Open Contracting Data Standard. Josh has led programs and coordinated teams in 10+ countries worldwide. He holds a MS in Public Policy from Brigham Young University and a BS in Finance from the University of Baltimore.