Asma CHERIFI : 16 RUE IBN ZAIDOUN – MENZAH 5 ARIANA : (00216)98281946 :ASMA.CHERIFI@YAHOO.FR PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE From February 2011 to today TACID Network CEO Founder •Legal Representation •Strategic Planning : Development program to support local leaders and local NGOs  Development and Implementation of pilot project ,and contract with civil society partners, civil society/state and with foreign partners •Training and monitoring of the project managers, •Mediation, Coalition Building, and lobbying. •Trainer : leadership transformation, team building ,social accountability, local governance, and management of local community. •Fundraising Ref : • Project Manager of the project Tunisia For Peace Nobel Prize 2015 o http://english.alarabiya.net/en/News/middle-east/2015/10/13/Tunisia-s-Nobel-Peace-Prize-in-the-making-for-four-years.html o http://fellowship.unaoc.org/fellows/asma-cherifi/ o https://prezi.com/jhgopoebijlr/unaoc-alums-project/ • UN Secretary-General : TACID has best contribution to youth development agenda https://gpy2015.crowdicity.com/#/category/1635 • Member and founder of The Tunisian OGP dialogue (Open Gouvernent Dialogue) responsible participation : http://www.ogpdialogue.blogspot.com/ For citizen • http://www.opengovpartnership.org/sites/default/files/Tunisia2014-15_IRM%20Progress%20Report_Eng_0.pdfhttp://www.opengov.tn/fr/communique-de-presse-reformes-publiques-plan-daction-ogp/http://www.ogpdialogue.blogspot.com/ Forum for new model of governance in Tunisia : http://forumtunisiegouuvernance.blogspot.com • Community project Fixkairouan : http://fixkairouan.org/ • Mentor program FORSA: G8 Deauville program partnership • Speaker Warsaw dialogue: http://warsawdialogue.pl/en/p/wdd_en/archiwum/archiwum_2012/speakers_2012 FromOctober2008toJanuary2011 E.C.E (Egales Carthage Exhibition) -Tunis General Manager •Labelling foreign trading at CEPEX: Tunisian Export Promotion Center •Development of events calendar and budget planning . •Assistance and processing of grant applications FOPRODEX and FAMEX (World bank assistance instrument for Tunisian institution •Assisting foreign companies in the process of development of new project and implementation in Tunisia , Assistance and support in the Development of investment plan, file management advantages: FOPRODI, Investment premium. From May2008 to September 2008Orsaf/Soêve GroupLandoulsi PROJETC MANAGER : •Planning budget. •Development of the events calendars and schedules of implementation. •Development and presentation of progress report to our customers. •Drafting of contract and partnership agreement. •Management of human resources and recruitment. References: •Local coordinator SITAP: Tunisian Houses exhibition in Paris From April 2006 to November 2007 Mezzo Call Center (subsidiary of 3 Suisses International) ZI Charguia I-Tunis Administrative Assistant and Accountant •Assistance of the general manger of the Tunisian site . •Editing the monthly monitoring site activity report VOLONTEERING •Vice President of the association of the PMI program in Tunisia. •Founding President of Movement for a United Maghreb and Democracy •Member Advisory governorate of Tunis •Founder and member of ANSA-AW: Arab Network for Social Accountability: World Bank Project • Member of North Africa Center for Human Right: Last project the law on access to Information That have been voted in October2012 by the African Union •Facilitator of the Project Water Summit in Tunisia ACADEMICBACKGROUND 2015 MBA Leadership transformation and governance 2008 Certificate Management IHEC Carthage. 2007 Certificate Economy IHEC. 1996-2004 Faculty of Manar Tunisia Campus I •Mathematical Computing DUEL B.A.. •Master of Mathematics Optional statistical probability Certifications 2015 Tenstep PMI certificate 2014 Technical Certificate Parliaments in Fragile States from world Bank Institute Technical Certificate in Competitiveness and Corporate Social Responsibilities from World Bank Institute 2013 Training for the trainer Word Bank Institute in local governance and social responsibility Training for the trainer of the youth leader for transition 2012 Training for the trainer the motor of transition Cultural engineering training -inJune2012withtheFranco-Tunisianinstitute. Training for trainers of leaders of transition period-June2012 Training capacity building of local associations-March2012 Training of trainers social entrepreneurship-February2011 2011 Training of localleaders-October2011 with polish aid 2006 Communication training professional , Strategy and Business Development - LilleFrance 2002 Certificate in accounting: •Account Management •Management spay roll 2000 Certificate in IT Training NLP (Neuro linguistic program): Rashad center Certification in the Stress management, personal and professional time management, ,the key of success Written Communication: Strategy and Corporate Development-Paris-France LANGUAGE Language Read Written spoken Arabic Maternal Language French Very well Very well Very well English Good Professional Good German Basic Basic Basic COUNTRIESVISITED MENA and Africa: Algeria ,Libya, Marocco, Mauritania, Kenya, Senegal, Lebam Europe:France,Swissland,Austria,Germany,Finland,Poland,Hungry,Ireland,Italia,Denmark,Spain America: USA