One of the founders of the Transparency Hacker(!forum/thackday) movement in Brazil, a network of more than 1800 people from all over the country, Markun is a developer and political hacker who works within the civil society creating new ways for people to participate and engage in politics. He's one of the creators of the Hacker Bus, an real bus that travels around the country doing workshops and teaching about open data, transparency and participation. He's also one of the creators of the LabHackerCD an hackerspace build inside the House of Chambers and has been helping the federal government run hackathons and participative processes. Has built a lot of both digital and analog projects that deals with transparency such as the Game of Politics, a set of three analogical political games to teach basics of politics to students, Verdinhas, a browser plugin that helps tracks the elections costs, Quem Manda Aqui?, a book on politics for toddlers that was build collaboratively and Agenda Publica a mobile app that shows the schedule of public hearings and such in the city of São Paulo.