Bernardo Rivera-Muñozcano has served as a Legislative Assistant in the Senate of the Republic and as Legislative Director in Mexico City’s Congress. He currently works as a Political Advisor in Mexico City’s General Counselor’s Office, where he is part of the team overseeing Mexico City’s first Constitution’s drafting, and coordinator of the civic participation strategy through the online platform Constitución CDMX - Espacio de Encuentro. He is founder and co-chair (2010-2016) of Espacio Progresista, an NGO aiming to design and promote progressive public policy while engaging with and empowering citizens in public debate, in order to achieve decision-making incidence. Convinced of the empowering capabilities technology can have in the democratization processes of societies, Bernardo has, as a public servant, designed and promoted several innovation and open government projects, both in the legislative and executive branches. He’s a keen runner (who just accomplished his first marathon) and passionate cities enthusiast.