I am an engagement specialist with more than a dozen years’ experience designing and managing public participation for Government’s in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

I have been involved in open government in Australia since 2010, and before that with the British Columbian Government in Canada. This year, I was commissioned by both the Australian and New Zealand Government's to work with their Point of Contact's to engage civil society in the development of their National Actions Plans for the Open Government Partnership.

I am a certified IAP2 practitioner since 1995 and in 2013 I founded and am now the managing director of a small company called engage2, a network of open government and engagement professionals in Australia and New Zealand.

I have extensive experience engaging across the Public Participation spectrum, with most of my work focused on projects that help ensure sustainable management of natural resources and sustainable urban development. I have managed consultation with citizens and stakeholders for policy development and legislative change, co-designed guidelines with industry stakeholders, and worked with both private sector and community groups to collaboratively develop and co-deliver services and programs. To facilitate this work I have also developed specialised skills in the use of technology to engage, to collect and analyse data from citizens and to effectively manage relationships with stakeholders.

I am now often called upon to help organisations refine the way they engage and work with stakeholders. I manage pilot projects that trial innovative methods,and support organisational and cultural change through the selection and implementation of technologies and information management procedures that support better engagement practices. Increasingly this work has also involved the design of processes to encourage individual and group deliberation, increased representation, and cross sector collaboration as well as public participation.