Since 2008, Zoe has worked at Transparency International with partners and Chapters across three regions to ensure strong public accountability. Currently, she is responsible for three international initiatives related to open governance: working with over 30 CSO and government partners across the European Union to promote clean contracting; fostering civil society oversight of security and justice institutions along the Cocaine Route in Latin America and West Africa (with UNODC and TI chapters in Latin America and Africa); and piloting an approach to safe and efficient public transportation in Guatemala with Accion Ciudadana and the Guatemalan Human Rights Ombudsman. In particular, Zoe pursues a vision of open governance that can better contribute to inclusive, responsive governance and equality.

Since 2011 she has worked collaboratively with CSO partners to advocate for an OGP agenda that is built on strong civil society participation and tackles issues directly impacting traditionally marginalised communities. She is from New York and is educated in cultural anthropology, community and regional planning, and literature.