Book: Transparency in Origin and Destination of Public Resources from the municipalities to consolidate democratic governance. Mexico. Luciana editions. September 2001. Invited by the Chief of Staff and Minister of Finance of the Government of the United Kingdom, Francis Maude, I attended the World Meeting of the Alliance for Open Government (OGP for its acronym in English) in London, England, UK, days 30 and 31 October and 1 November 2013. where, during the Plenary Assembly, I presented my contribution to the economy: "Vaccine Against Corruption", Prime Minister David Cameron, recognized as a brilliant idea: is from 51:24 to 55:30 minute On the official website of the UK Government:

From this experience, I am a member of the OGP-OSC international community.

More than 30 years of experience in the Public Service. In SHCP (General Directorate of Public Credit and SAE) Financial analysis and monitoring of the budget year Trade Sector entities; Administration of Human, Financial and Material Resources. Municipal Treasurer; In SEGOB (Directorate General of Government): Policy Analysis and Planning. In Research and Legislative projects. Preparation of documents with analysis, evaluation and proposals for decisions of officials from municipal, state and federal levels.