Dr. Walter Flores (Guatemalan) is the director of Centro de Estudios para la Equidad y Gobernanza en los Sistemas de Salud (Center for the Study of Equity and Governance in Health Systems), a Guatemalan civil society organization specializing in applied research, capacity building and advocacy around issues affecting indigenous population´s health rights and other marginalized populations. He is also a founding member and currently a steering committee member, of the Community of Practitioners on Accountability and Social Action in Health (COPASAH), a global network of CSOs working towards improving healthcare services for marginalized populations through human rights, accountability and social mobilization. He is also a member of the People’s Health Movement. He holds a PhD and a MCommH from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK. Walter has carried-out research, teaching and consultancy work in more than 30 countries of Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe.