Works with Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina (OSFBH) since 2000 as Local Governance and Fiscal Transparency Program Coordinator. Since 2014 acts as OGP BH initiative Program Coordinator on behalf of the OSFBH. For the last three years the OSFBH has been supporting the BiH Civil Society in promoting principles and benefits of the OGP. At the early stage, the civil society role was decisive in securing support for the OGP process within the country. OSFBH support then focused on modalities of cooperation between the civil society and the government. In this endeavor, the OSFBH supported the CS in promoting successful and applicable practices from other countries, establishment of a joint working group, and in preparation of a realistic and feasible NAP. The OGP had proven to be a very important tool for improving the dialogue between the government and civil society in BH while the NAP process so far has helped civil society in BH to promote public policies in the field of transparency, citizen engagement, and access to information. OSF BH intends to continue to work with and to support the civil society organizations behind the OGP Initiative in BH.