Naomi Tulay-Solanke is the Founder and Executive Director of Community Health Initiative (CHI), a non-governmental organization that is providing healthcare and social services in underprivileged and slum communities in Liberia. She is public speaker and a 2016 Global Entrepreneur Summit Fellow. Naomi have nurtured a career in female advocacy with a humble interest in working with underprivileged youths and slum dwellers in hard to reach communities through the provision of basic health and social services especially to women and girls. She holds a Master Degree in Public Health with emphasis in Community Health. As an entrepreneur, Naomi is the owner of Winnie's Pharmaceutical Store which provides over the counter drugs and medical supplies to underprivileged and slum communities. To address menstrual Hygiene management affecting girls’ retention in schools Naomi Lunch the Pad4Girls project, by producing locally made and reusable sanitary pads.