My name is Lamin Saine a Gambian by Nationality , Born in a village called Mandinari on the 11th December 1989 residing in Latrikunda German within the Kanifing Region, Banjul The Gambia. My father’s name is Sanna Saine, Occupation a Security Personal who severs for many years within the Government of the Gambia as well as private sectors and my mother’s name is Sora Darboe occupation a Business as well as a house wife, I have five sisters without a brother as I am the only male child of my parents. My educational background is a High School Graduate as well as attend other institutes in the Gambia. I attended the following Schools as follows: * Mandinari Lower Basic School  Kombo Kerewan Upper Basic School  Gambia Senior Secondary School  Management Development Institute  QuantumNet Institute of Technology * After completing all my education from the schools above, I work at a local organization for years called Humanitarian Agency for Child Protection and Poverty Alleviation (HACIPPA) was formed on the 7th of August, 2007 in order to complement the efforts of the government and donor agencies in their strides to achieve a brighter future for all children in West Africa. For the main time, it seeks to help particularly the most vulnerable children in The Gambia. This will be done through counseling, training, distributing material and other forms of assistance in order to rebuild their lives. HACIPPA is registered as independent, non partisan and nonprofit making organization to gain legal status and later work at another organization called Center for the Promotion of Science and Technology (CEPOSAT) is an organization that is primarily concerned to work assiduously to actualize the benefits of science and technology for today and unborn generations especially in the areas of environmental health hazards and climate change. From our conducted research, it’s revealed that without science there will be no technology and without technology there will be no science. Science and technology are interrelated and they both play significant roles in our lives and societies. It is true that science has been existing for millions of years and I sever as the Managing Director of the organization. As the Managing Director of Center for the Promotion of Science and Technology (CEPOSAT) fervently believe that the success and progress of our nation and the world in general is to accelerate commitment to invest in science and technology in the areas of research, education, climate change and environmental health hazards with new approaches, coherent, concerted and collaborative efforts with the public and private sectors. I understand the causes of climate change, environmental pollution and technological advancement is very important. This will certainly help us to learn and educate the next generations to fit and feel more secured in the global economy. Technology needs to be kept in mind as a living room for finding solutions, a popular device for, scientists, students, engineers, businessmen and bank executives, world library for researchers and a quick and easy access for self made employment.