Wa Ode Asmawati is the one of Commissioner from Information Commission for public disclosure that work in Jakarta Greater Area, Indonesia.Before become a commissioner, she work on Principal Recipient (PR) Aisyiyah for TB-HIV (one of the big Women civil society in Indonesia) cooperation with The Global Fund ATM and become the one of the founder of this PR in 2009, the program covered in 25 provinces and 170 districs all over Indonesia which is advocate poor people to have information and access in health services and deploy more women (5000 more volunteers) to work in village level to outreach people with TB & HIV. Also have the Global Empowerment Foundation (yayasan Pemberdayaan Dunia) to serve more than 60.000 children of Vitamin A. As a social activist who concern on empowering people in marginalized condition, focusing on women and family empowerment. Facilitating and deliberate marginalized people in achieving their social and economic rights to get their welfare. Working on community groups & partnership with many sectors is a calling to empower with no limits. Started from rural, working with women's poor groups, continuing in urban-slum area with grameen-bank project for micro small business as field officer, then lead national project for women political education & rights in grass root level with more than 20,000 volunteers work in villages, disaster management with PRA and PVA methods. While established The Principal Recipient of Aisyiyah deploy more than 200 employees with more than 5,000 health volunteers which 80% of women, and the founder of The Global Empowerment Foundation to get more impact in voluntary mission for marginalized people, while chosen as one of Commissioner in Public Disclosure in Jakarta Greater Area for period 2016-2020.