I am young leader who is so passionate about social work and a very active advocate of communities empowerment. I regularly work in initiatives that help communities to effectively take part in decision making processes in relation to policies, legislations and technology. One of my most successful work is the co-creation of Daraja Initiaves a local program that seeks to impact a sense of dialogue within Zanzibari communities especially those affected by political marginalization and mistreatment as well as election related conflicts. I also take part in social innovation by working in collaboration with various other social innovators and firms to innovate solutions around social sustainability in education, healthcare, sustainable economic opportunities and other social sectors. On a regular basis volunteer in projects that focus on social inclusion and gender equality especially campaigns against Gender Based Violence and Early Marriages. I actively participate in discussions on women empowerment and development in community and national level. I am doing all these initiatives because I hope to see women and youth in my community achieve the level of prosperity so that they have better livelihood, their voices are heard and their rights are equally respected within the community that they are living.