Mr. Kamalchand Kispott started his carrier as a School Teacher in a private school in Patna (Bihar) but continued still his social activism in the rural areas of North Bihar. He then after 4 years of teaching profession came out and dedicated himself fully to the causes of Dalits and Adivasi Rights. Since then (2006) he has been working as a Human Rights Activist. He was engaged in Cadre Building work among Dalit and Tribal Communities and trained thousands of Human Rights Defenders in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan etc.

He was instrumental in training over 15000 (fifteen thousand) volunteers on monitoring election related violence in the 15th Parliamentary Elections in 2009. He also contributed in promoting free and fair elections in State Legislative elections. He was one of key founding members of National Dalit Election Watch (NDEW) which is the monitoring agency and monitors the Caste based Discrimination.

Moreover, he also worked massively in training hundreds of volunteers to monitor Caste Based Discriminations in Disaster relief and rehabilitation and one of founder members on National Dalit Watch (NDW).

Furthering his carrier, he headed “DOMESTIC WORKERS’ FORUM” as its General Manager in Delhi & National Capital Regions. The Forum works for the Rights and entitlements of migrant Domestic Workers working in the Capital of India. He was instrumental in inclusion of Domestic workers in the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, 2014 now defining Private Household’s employing domestic workers as their workplace.

Presently, working as an Advocacy and Policy Officer in NCDHR – NDMJ and responsible in Monitoring the Elections under National Dalit Election Watch (NDEW). He also drafted Dalit Manifesto and given to all the major Political Parties in India. He is solely responsible in briefing Members of Parliament about the situations of Dalits and Tribals who together constitute 25% of total population in India.