I am an associate professor at University of Jordan specializes in early childhood education. I acquired more than ten years of experience working in higher educational context in American and Jordanian universities; I worked directly with culturally diverse communities and prepared my students for a career in early childhood. Having the knowledge of young children's cognitive, social and emotional development and way they think, and the skills to tie it up in a curriculum and programs that supports those children's to reach their full potential; as well as working with youth and teach them the skills that they can apply theory to practice and integrate demogracy, critical thinking, Problem solving, accepting others, respecting others point of views and finally fighting corruption in education is a mission I have been taking and working on in my six years of teaching in JU. I love challenges, and I will do as much as I can to make a difference. I understand nothing in life is certain, but to me, making a difference in children's and students’ lives is what gives life an awesome flair.