Charlie Martial Ngounou Pouene - As the Cameroon representative and expert for the International Association of French Speaking Mayors, he leads projects in various African countries in fiscal transparency and public finance systems to improve public expenditures, public procurement, service delivery, local governance, and domestic resource mobilization. - In Cameroon specifically, he manages the implementation of a fiscal transparency project in 374 local governments in partnership with the Government and Donors like the Worldbank, to improve budget reportings, audit reports by SAI and citizen monitoring. - He is a passionate civil society activist, promoting governance, transparency, accountability, citizen participation and open government data through AfroLeadership, a civil society organization he founded in 2007 and that partners today with the International Budget Partnership (IBP), Open Knowledge International (OKI), School of Data, MySociety and various other organisations. - He was the Peer Reviewer for the Cameroon Open Budget Survey in 2015. He manages the Cameroon Open Budget and Cameroon Open Budget Tracker, flagship programs of AfroLeadership aiming at building awareness and literacy in public finance and budget issues among citizens through Open Spending Cameroon, an open data platform for spendings and contracts in Cameroon. - He is one of the three global members of the Independent Accountability Committee (IAC) for the Global CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE). He is the Lead for Decentralisation and Local Governance Sector in the Cameroon National Platform of Civil Society Organisations. - A graduate of the Université Internationale of Dakar in Senegal, he is the Lead for Code for Cameroon, a chapter of Code for Africa, the continent’s largest open data initiative, using technology and data to help citizens shape their governments and hold those in power to account. - He is one the main civil society experts pushing for Cameroon eligibility to the Open Government Partnership. So he is one of the leads of the newly founded National Coalition for Access to Information in Cameroon.