Ms. Undral Gombodorj is the Director of the Democracy Education Center (DEMO), a Mongolian NGO. Undral holds a Master's degree in Economics from the Institute of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic. She is a certified trainer, facilitator, mentor, researcher, and author of numerous publications in NGO management, social accountability and governance.

In 2012, Undral has initiated and launched the Check My Service initiative which aims to assess the transparency and accountability of public services through the Community score card. Since its start in 2012 and to date, DEMO assessed 84 public services such as Check My Kindergarten, Check My School, Check My Hospital, Check My Waste Disposal, Check My Water Well and many others. In OGP language, DEMO has completed 84 commitments! Check My Service received 2013 Integrity Award from the Independent Authority Against Corruption of Mongolia as the best experience of the year in promoting transparency and good governance. Also the Check My Service initiative was selected by OGP as one of six best Asia Pacific innovations in 2014, and as one of three best OGP initiatives in AP region in 2016.

Apart from the DEMO, Undral is the Convener and Coordinator of the Partnership for Social Accountability (PfSA), Chair of the Network of Mongolian Volunteer Organizations (NMVO), and currently works on the Task Force for drafting the Non-profit Law in Mongolia.

Contact Info: +976 99164419