I have devoted more than 20 years to civil society development in Azerbaijan and started my career from media in 1995. My key purpose of working for civil society was to dig out problems of the country and raise awareness about how to solve it using economic and political means. I think when you work in the non-governmental organisations it gives you a chance to glance at the problems from different aspects and raise the problems by expressing the needs of poor people. I have been an author of a number of publications on self-governing society development and developed systematic proposals for the central government in the field of good governance. I have neatly analysed the cost and benefits of my proposals with the focus on different aspects of the problems, especially public administration, local self-governance, fiscal governance and budget management.

I represent international networks in Azerbaijan and act as Azerbaijani representative in the activiteis abroad. First, I am an expert of the Public Administration Reform Sub-Group of the Working Group 1 (Democracy, Human Rights, Good Governance & Stability) of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum. Furthermore, I am an expert of 2 NGO coalitions - National Budget Group (NBG) and NGO Alliance for Municipal Development (BINA). Both coalition focus on transparency, accountability, participation process. I am one of the famous expert on OGP issues in Azerbaijan at this moment