Dr. Fletcher Tembo is Director for the Making All Voices Count Programme, an international initiative that contributes towards effective governance and accountability by enabling citizen engagement and open, responsive government in 12 countries in Africa and Asia. The programme is supported by DFID, USAID, Omidyar Network and SIDA, and is committed to promoting transparency, fighting corruption, empowering marginalised citizens, and harnessing the power of new technologies to make government more effective and accountable. He has also been Director for the DFID funded Mwananchi Social Accountability Programme when he was a Research Fellow at the Overseas Development Institute in London.

Fletcher specializes in using Political Economy Analysis (PEA) approaches to solve practical collective action problems, developing theories of change and monitoring and evaluation frameworks for transparency and accountability initiatives; researching on models of donor support to civil society, including ‘non-traditional’ civil society. He has published widely in these fields.