About La 27e Région La 27e Région (Region 27) is a French « action-tank » dedicated to the public sector. Through action-research activities, la 27e Région explores new ways to improve public policies, inspired by service design, ethnography, open source and « makers" cultures. La 27e Région is a non-profit association supported by regional, local and national governments and European funds. About Stéphane Vincent Stéphane is 47, married, has born in Mâcon (Burgundy, France) but now lives in Paris. He is the founder and director of La 27e Région, launched in 2008. He has a background in management and innovation, with several experiences in big media corporations. He entered the public sector in 1995 as chief innovation officer for a regional government. In 2001 he became associates in a consultant agency focused on the public sector. He’s a regular speaker in national and international events, and writes or takes part to many books, reports and programs.