Marta Moreno Ferrara. Education and main qualifications: Catholic University. Career of Sociology Asuncion, Paraguay Participated in meetings on "Access to Public Information" and Advocacy, Member of World Movement for Democracy and Network Latin America and the Caribbean for Democracy currently holds the coordinator of Democratic Governance and is responsible for the Sub-Region South. executive director of Seeds for Democracy ally in Paraguay Transparency International, I work in the development of numerous investigations with Active Democracy Network, CRIES, Access to Public Information (GIAI) and Law on Financing of Political Parties, among others. Work at the Institute of Environmental Law and Economics (IDEA). Officer was Program of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), exercised the written and broadcast journalism for 10 years, and Director of Communication of the Municipality of Asuncion, founding member and leader of the SPP (Sindicato de Periodistas del Paraguay) and president of Student center of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Catholic University of Our Lady of Assumption. He is Executive Director of Seeds for Democracy since its creation in August 2006. Hemispheric Project Monitoring Strategy Action Plan Quebec and Mar del Plata "Active Democracy" (ACDI). "Building Capacities in Local Government and Citizenship Organized" 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th part (NED). International Cooperation Project "Follow gossiping" Women's Institute of Spain together with the Foundation for Justice. Building from the Community strategies to eradicate violence against women in the Marshes of Asuncion. Part 1 and 2. (Embassy of Ireland). Paraguay MuNet e-Government, Ministry of Interior / OAS., USAID / Paraguay. Electoral Judicial Transparency and Independence, CIRD / USAID. An Active Superintendency for a more transparent justice. THRESHOLD / USAID program. Cultural diversity and participation in the Marshes of Asuncion. European Union. Civil Society Project, Topuá Paraguay, Democracy Program USAID / Paraguay. Mirador Electoral. Avina Foundation, Transparency International (EU) and NED. Transparency Legisltativa PY, NDI, Embassy of Canada. "Campaigns 2.0 of public awareness of the right of access to public information sectored civil public officials, civil society organizations, members of academia and citizens of the Republic of Paraguay". Funds from the Canadian Embassy and the British Embassy. Among other currently running.