Amenaghawon Joseph Idahosa currently serves as the Programme Coordinator, Economic Governance with the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA). By virtue of his work he interfaces with civil society organizations, media, the general public, communities, groups and key institutions of government amongst others on key economic and socio-political governance issues. Of recent he has become the contact staff at the OSIWA office in Nigeria working with civil society and other key stakeholders on Nigeria’s Open Government Partnership (OGP) related issues. He previously worked as Senior Programme Officer at the Social and Economic Rights Action Centre (SERAC), Lagos, Nigeria, where he specifically managed the organization’s rights to housing projects and engagements with marginalized oil communities in the Niger Delta. Also, he was at one time the Business/Program Manager for the Segun Aina Foundation (SAF), Lagos which was primarily set up to advance youth development through capacity and leadership building programmes. Additionally Joseph was at one time a consultant on CSO Strategic Planning and Documentation with the UNDP-DGD programme in Nigeria. Mr. Amenaghawon is an arts enthusiast, writer of poetry, loves painting and drawing, music and manages his own inspirational/motivational platform . He also engages critical socio-political and economic issues via his facebook discussion group- Open "Mouth" Campaign. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics (University of Ibadan) and a Masters in International Law and Diplomacy (MILD) from the University of Lagos