Founder and chairman of the Journalists’ Club “Asparez” (Arena) in Gyumri, Armenia, since 2000 Since 2012 elected member of Gyumri City Council, reelected in 2016.

Founder of Journalists Club “Asparez” NGO (Press Club in Gyumri city) and several other-intellectual, education, community development, environmental defense NGOs, and human rights’ defender; was involved in numerous advocacy initiatives for defending TV companies, anti-corruption and environmental issues.

Currently directing FOI implementation, transparency and accountability promotion projects in Journalists’ Club “Asparez”, discovering and disseminating of public information, initiating litigations against irresponsible officials for information access, editor-in-chief of NGO’s “Asparez” daily newspaper which is the first daily in the regions of Armenia after collapsing USSR ( site), director of site (budget monitoring of Communities, schools and etc.).

Involved in OGP processes since 2011, participant of Brasilia Summit of OGP, member of OGP-Armenia Working Group at Government of Republic of Armenia as CSO representative. Participated in OGP-Armenia 2014-2016 and 2016-2018 Action Plans development, suggestions development and promotion to the Government, director of the Doc-Book in Armenian and English with previous and current Action Plans of OGP-Armenia.

Expert on Mass media, Freedom of Information and Local Self Government areas.

Author of 1st guide map of Gyumri city, guidebook for NGOs on PR building, more than a dozen documentary films, (Mountain Karabakh issues, 1988 earthquake zone problems and etc.), hundreds of articles. 1992-2002 as editor-in-chief, director and producer, developed local based 2 TV companies (Tsayg TVC and Shant TVC), 2 Radio stations (TM Radio, and “Radio Shant”) and weekly newspaper “Shant” in Gyumri.

Levon Barseghyan is Geologist-geophysicist and journalist-photo correspondent by diplomas of Yerevan State University (1991).

49 years old, born in Gyumri (former Leninakan), Armenia Jan 18, 1967, widowed in 2009, have son and grandson.

Main awards: May 2008, “The Time of the Freedom of Speech” prize awarded by Yerevan Press Club, Internews Armenia, Journalists’ Union of Armenia and Freedom of Speech protection Committee. Aug 1998 nominated twice and won the special prize of the First TV-forum of NIC, Moscow, Russia for the mystic documentary film “Death Valley”. Sep 1987 Medal From Russian Federation “For the building of the Baykal-Amur Magisterial” Moscow, Russia.

Anarchist, atheist, non-partisan.