Brando Flores is a mexican human rights advocate and Historician. He study the Masters on Juournalism and Public Affairs at CIDE (Economic Research Center).

He coordinates the Program of social innovation and citizen participation at the Leadership Institute Simone de Beauvoir, NGO with 15 years forming collective leadership with Gender, Multiculturalism and Human Rights perspective.

Actually implement a project for the strengthening services sexual and reproductive health of Youth and Indigenous Women through mechanisms of Transparency and Accountability in 10 states of México.

In June of 2016 he participated on the Open Government Partnership with the workshop "Principles of Open Government to eradicate gender violence given under the Regional Meeting for Open Government of the Americas in Montevideo, Uruguay.

As a workshop has taught public officials on issues of inclusive and non-sexist language, Human rights and non-discrimination, Public policies with a gender perspective and in January of 2016 He participated with the workshop "Advocacy & Lobbying for Social Change" for 83 Fellows from 4 countries (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua) in the "Centroamérica Forward" program organized by the International Institute of Education, Seattle Foundation and the Central American Bank for Economic Integration.

Between 2009 and 2013 he coordinated the project "Redefine Mexico" network of new leaders for Sexual and Reproductive Rights in 16 states, where they were trained on strategic impact for advocacy in favor of initiatives related with laws for youths; legal abortion; equal marriage; citizen participation, and in addition, the promotion and campaign spokesperson for teen pregnancy prevention and dissemination of emergency contraception.