My name is Arafat bakir lesheve, a Tanzanian youth 22 years of age, member of Youth of United Nations Association of Tanzania (YUNA)as Vice Chairperson, Member of Tanzania Youth vision Association in department of lobbying and advocacy and Deputy Secretary general of Activista Tanzania under action Aid Tanzania. Currently I am a student of Institute of Tax Administration in Dar Es Salaam taking Customs and Tax Administration, despite being a student I am also an activists focusing on sustainable development. I have been volunteering with various organizations in Tanzania which are concern with youth development and identify many opportunity to youth that they have been missing.

I have succeeded to attend various training to occur skills such us Good governance and social audit at MS tcdc Arusha University ,Gender, women’s rights and governance at Ms tcdc Arusha University ,Training on Global Youth Champion on Sustainable Development Goals at Arusha under UNRCO Tanzania ,Introduction to project planning, Management and Resource mobilization organized by Friedrich Nauman Foundation ,Workshop on Organizational management and membership involvement, financial management and Resource mobilization, Employment issue, Advocacy and Networking organized by TYVA and FIC. With all those different skills, I have been using it to advocate youth issue and volunteering in youth organization