Sotiraq Hroni is Executive Director of the Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM), a Tirana-based independent think tank organization which has been actively promoting open governance processes in Albania and the Western Balkans. A former diplomat and advisor to the PM and President of Albania, since year 2000 , Mr. Hroni’s professional background and involvement with civil society has been focusing particularly on good governance, accountability and integrity development reforms, civic participation and evidence-based policy making. As chief executive of IDM has been responsible for the development and supervising the management of organization’s departments: Center for European and Security Affairs, the department of Local Government and Integrated Development and well as Research and Development Center. IDM’s growing profile in issues related to policy areas such as security sector reform and integrity, rule of law programs, decentralization, community empowerment, regional & rural development, civil society development are some of directions that have been developed due to his contribution and mentorship. In the course of this work, IDM has developed quite reliable working relations and partnerships with the governments, different ministries, independent oversight institutions, parliament, political parties, local government institutions, and other professional associations all over the country and the region. Mr Hroni has also guided the organization to maintain a professional independent profile that enjoys the credibility of targeted and beneficiary institutions and the public. He communicates periodically different ideas and messages through editorials in local press and media.