Mrs Lavina Eureka Authen Banduah is a civil society activist with experience in: corruption, women’s empowerment, peacebuilding, conflict management. She has served as follows: Director of Programmes, Research, Gender and Information Officer, Programme Manager, Civil and Political Affairs at the Campaign for Good Governance. She was the Programmes Manager, Acting Executive Director and is presently the Executive Director of Transparency International Sierra Leone. She also served as member in the following: • National Focal Point on Small and Light Weapons (representing civil society) • Gender Focal Point: Women in Development / Gender and Development of the Ministry of Gender, Social Welfare and Children’s Affairs. • Organizational Representative in the Taskforce for Women in Politics of the Ministry of Gender, Social Welfare and Children’s Affairs. • Fifty/ Fifty Women’s Group in Sierra Leone • Management Committee of the Project Building Peace Constituencies in the Mono River Basin”, National Secretary General of the Network on Collaborative Peace building in Sierra Leone • National Governing Council of the African Peer Review Mechanism Process in Sierra Leone • Implementation Committee on the National Anti-Corruption Strategy of the Anti Corruption Commission in Sierra Leone. • Anti Corruption Commission, EITI Advisory Board • Anti Corruption Commission Steering Committee for the UNCAC Review Process • National Steering Committee on the Open Government Partnership Sierra Leone • Member of the Open Data Council • Project Supervisor of the Young Women’s Vision in Action for Development Initiative and a Member of the Fifty/Fifty Group in Sierra Leone.