Fazal Issa is a climate change expert focusing on climate change adaptation and finance architecture. He has a Bachelor degree from University of Dar es Salaam and Masters of Science from Mzumbe University. He is currently working at ForumCC as a Program Manager and also the Africa Regional Representative for UNEP Major Groups and Stakeholders.

His experience draws from engagement on climate change at all levels - local, national, regional and global. At the local and national levels - he has been pioneering implementation of adaptation initiatives especially on agriculture, livestock and water sectors. At regional and global levels – he has been following closely discussion and negotiations on climate change adaptation and finance under UNFCCC and at various climate funding bodies including Adaptation Fund (AF) and Green Climate Fund (GCF).

His works include tracking climate finance (focusing on adaptation) at global and national levels: Last year (2015) under ForumCC, he co-authored a book titled ‘Tracking Climate Finance Study for Agriculture and Livestock Sector Ministries in Tanzania’ and this year (2016), he has produced analysis paper on ‘Tanzania Budget 2016/17 and Climate Change Adaptation’; ‘Climate Change and Conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa’; and co-produced a toolkit namely ‘Practitioners Toolkit: Advocacy for Integration of Climate Change Adaptation into Plans and Budget’.