SECOND BIOGRAPHY FOR KINGSLEY NKANSAH AFRICA FOR EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT (GHANA) is a Civil Society Organization here in Ghana and because of Our mission Statement we have been traveling allover the world to participate in Conferences related to us and Last year we were privilege to participate in the WCDRR in Japan 2015,WORLD WATER CONFERENCE in KOREA 2015,EU-AFRICA BUSINESS 2015,WORLD BANK Meeting in PERU 2015,6th WILDLAND FIRE CONFERENCE in KOREA 2015,CBD 2015,GFFA 2016 and UNISDR Conference 2016 by the Government of ITALY.I believe my Participation in this Summit as a FIELD OFFICER of AFRICA FOR EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT will enhance my Knowledge and also give me the the requisite knowledge to help address some of the challenges we are facing in rural communities we mostly engage in as a Civil Society Organization.