Sokona TOUNKARA born October 16, 1994 in Bamako, I have a Masters in Management and I specialize in Management of Local Authorities. I quickly became aware of the injustice faced by humans, I grew up in a poor neighborhood popular and have not supported the realities of this country from my 15 I formed an association in my neighborhood following the creation of this association I have had the chance to be retained in the youth Advisory Council of the "My Right, My Voice" Oxfam allowed me to fight for access for young people to quality education for their sexual rights especially. I believe in a better world and the active citizenship of young people at a crucial role to achieve this, I actuellment the General Treasurer of the Association of Youth for Active Citizenship and Democracy. Youth employment is now a global problematic I am today the Spokesperson of the Collective Biton collective that fights for youth employment and door to the voice of youth to access to employment with rulers.