Currently working as senior economist at the Central American Institute of Fiscal Studies (Icefi), Mr. Barrientos is an expert in fiscal policy topics. Served as Vice-Minister of Public Finance of Guatemala during 2009-2010. During the period 1994-2005 se served as director and technical advisor at the Fiscal Analysis Unit at the Ministry of Public Finance of Guatemala.

As independent consultant, he has made research work on fiscal policy and evaluation on public policies. Have published works on tax policy and tax evasion analysis in Guatemala. Mr. Barrientos served also as independent consultant for the last Fiscal Pact Commission in Guatemala, in charge of the indirect taxation study and proposal (2007).

He has doctoral studies in Mathematics, at the University of Barcelona, Spain (2005-2006). Holds the International Tax Certificate from Harvard University, USA (2000). He is mathematician graduated from Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (1995).