Teresa Flores Bedregal is an environmental analyst, writer, researcher and activist from Bolivia. She has been working as a consultant on sustainable development and climate change policies and adaptation planning. She was the first environmental journalist in Bolivia, since 1988, she wrote hundreds of articles for the main Bolivian newspapers. She got her Master´s degree in Environmental Policy at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University, Bloomington, and the degree of Magister at the University of Warsaw, Poland. She got fellowships for research at the Universities of Oregon, Eugene; University of California, Davis; Schumacher College, UK; and Autonomous University of Barcelona. She has been participating in advocacy, lobby and research activities with the Access Initiative since 2004. She participated in the process for the Rio Summit 1992 and Rio+20, as well as in many sustainable development and climate change international meetings and dialogues. She was nominated as the civil society representative of the Latinamerican region to the Climate Investments Funds (2009 – 2011). Currently the focus of her research is resilient development or development under conditions of climate change. She has been lecturing on sustainable development, and environmental communication in Bolivian universities. To date she wrote 15 books and many research papers.