### Belief Background

Born on 6th June 1979 in rural Malawi, I am the Country Manager for Construction Sector Transparency Initiative (CoST Malawi)and I also double as the Corporate Affairs Officer for National Construction Industry Council (NCIC) of Malawi. I have been working in the former since March 2013 and in the latter position since October 2015.

### Career Progression

I am trained in finance and ever since I graduated from the University of Malawi is 2007 (with a Bachelors Degree in Accountancy) I have been working on programs centered on service delivery in the area of public health and governance. In that regard I worked for Malawi Network of AIDS Service Organizations (Manaso) (2007-2008)as a Finance Officer, Public Health Department of CCAP Nkhoma Synod (2008 -2013) as a Project Accountant, before getting onto my present assignments.

### Motivation

Having born and grown in rural Malawi, I have grown a passion for service delivery with a bid to alleviate suffering for the rural masses in the area of good health and infrastructure provision. I have also learnt that effective and efficient service delivery is strongly hinged on good governance; without which resources are mismanaged/wasted.

### Career achievements

So with that passion in hand I have achieved a number of things in my career. Below is a summary:

As a CoST Country Manager:

The Malawi program became the second only country to comply with program objectives in 2014 after Guatemala and received a letter of commendation from the International Secretariat in London, in June 2015. And is rated as the best performing program in Africa.

 The local program has received international recognition with invitations to share experience in Botswana, London, Washington D.C, Uganda and Tanzania.

 Regularly consulted by the DfID country program, National Integrity Platform and Parliamentary Committees on Budget & Finance and Transport and Public Works.

 The only program to have successfully implemented an African Development Bank (AfDB)governance program in Malawi over the past three years.

 Received Government’s recognition with the Head of State appointing the Vice President of the Republic to be Champion of the program.

As a Project Accountant: Successfully managed of a multiplicity of grants: USAID (through PACT Community Reach Program); Scotland – Malawi Development Program; Presbyterian Church of USA; National AIDS Commission (NAC); Institute for International Communication & Development (IICD);Cordaid, ICCO, International Development Research Center (IDRC), UNDP; Southern Africa AIDS Trust (SAT) and UKAID.

 Together with a few colleagues, managed to develop the department from just a handful of employees to 32, and two grants to a 9.

 Successfully built a good relationship with donors and other stakeholders.



** I am so determined to see the Malawi Government create an enabling environment to foster transparent and accountable public infrastructure development agenda for the benefit of the people of Malawi who endure poor public infrastructure although the country has clocked 52 years of independence. I strongly believe that this is achievable through multi-stakeholder collaboration which is a viable means for finding lasting solutions for common governance challenges.

Coupled with good leadership,interpersonal and communication skills; team and hard working spirit, I am so determined to make a positive impact in the lives of people my assignments causes me to get in touch with.