Albert Joe S Bongay founded Ecoview Africa to lighten up a movement known for taking itself too seriously ( He is a trained professional in Social & Environmental Sector Planning and Management with pre-analytical skill in negotiations, preparing sustainable projects, policies, training reports and workshop proceedings. He’s been honored with a JWH Initiative grant Award ( ) for his leadership innovations and for making media advocacy, human rights and environmental issues relevant to new and broad audiences; and he won the prestigious environmental awards” Energy Globe Award “ for his country and organization the Young Volunteers for the Environment-The Gambia (YVE-The Gambia) , awarded by the Austrian energy pioneer Wolfgang Neumann ( ) , for best successful sustainable projects to promote environmental justice with good and feasible solutions. He holds leadership positions with several youth led regional and international organizations and has been representing CSOs in various national and regional conferences and activities and has proven to be exemplary with his strong communication, negotiation and participation skills. As has been project manager and implementing series of international and national funded projects in The Gambia including the Action/2015 Campaign amongst others (-Clean Energy for Africa (CLENA Project )- , -World Wide Views on Climate & Energy Project - , on-climate-energy-project-and-the-banjul-conference , -JWH Initiative - -Action/2015 Project - , , -Community Garden Project - ) Which had helped engaged local and regional actors on issues related to youth and local community participation in the sustainable development process? List of few projects i have managed and implemented: Bongay is Executive Director and Co-Founder of Young Volunteers for the Environment -The Gambia organizations, focusing on growing green-entrepreneurship business, establishing collaboration between business and environmental leaders and creating a positive dialogue with policy makers at the national and regional levels towards the improvement of the quality of life, our ecosystem, and the standard of living of the people. Joe also leads human rights & environment advocacy agenda, supporting policies that foster environmental innovation, sustainable economic development and green job creation. He is a frequent speaker on green job creation, human rights and other business benefits related to environmental, human and sustainable development policy.