Alvin has been passionate about development projects working on programmes since 2006, with a focus on community development, human rights abuses, poverty, and the impacts of poor governance and climate change and conflict that has seen him link the issues to National and Continental levels. In the same vein I have gained experience working in twenty four countries across Africa; partnering with African NGOs and networks. I have gained tremendous experience while working with Oxfam International in strengthening civil society organisations and advocacy consortiums to enable them engage, voice and claim for their rights holding duty bearers accountable; primarily to ensure especially the most marginalised are able to leave their mark on the political agenda. I am currently a consultant with the Africa Women’s Development and Communication Network. Specialities: Project management, programme development, politics and International relations, Context & policy analysis, strategic planning, conflict transformation, capacity building, M&E, fundraising, donor relations, budget development & tracking, grant management.