Mr. Ebou Jammeh is a youth activist working with GYIN Gambia in the West Coast Region of The Gambia. He has participated in several activities organised by GYIN Gambia and have had the opportunity to represent the youth network in conferences and seminars nationally. Mr. Jammeh is Higher Diploma graduate in Marketing at the University of The Gambia in the year 2009. Since his graduation, he has worked with GYIN Gambia to implement programmes in rural regions and he is someone who is honest, dedicated and focus. Mr. Jammeh is an easy-going person and has vast experience in marketing strategy and has developed marketable projects for the youth network in the past years. Mr. Jammeh, also hold a Diploma in Accountance and Finance with the Trust Communications Traning Institute. He had supported many youth events and has also served as a volunteer in designing programmes for youth networks. Mr. Jammeh have had the opportunity to attend international tranings on Excellency in Banking Operations organised by the Gambia Bankers Associations.