My name is Rosalyne Marie Reber, I’m 25 years old & i’m living in Bern, Switzerland. I’m in the final phase of my Bachelor Studies in Business Communication at University of Fribourg and writing currently this time on my Bachelor Thesis about Challenges and Potential Changes for State and Administration in the application of Open Government Initiatives here in Switzerland. It’s an incredible passionating topic where the digitalization meets the Public Management Value. It’s important to improve this area because nowadays new technologies are changing the way we live in our contemporary society. It’s a turning point that also has to be investigate with high ambitions and strong strategic planing by the responsible of Public Administration. What motivates me personally to write about that Open Government Topic was that I had already done a Paper about Crowdsourcing & Open Innovation related to new upcoming processes and uses of Smart Government Initiatives. I really liked that open-minded process perspective where transparency, collaboration & participation are unified together to work for a better valuable substainable environnement where we live today. This was for me a highly motivator boost to take the courage to investigate further more into that requiring subject. But I am very engaged also beside my University Studies. For the moment I’m the Vice President and Head of Marketing Communication of the Mecom Association for Communication and Media Research Studies at my University, which is involved in various activities related to Public Relations & Communication sectors. It also gives the opportunity to develop political engagement skills for the University related to Public Affairs. Right now I’m also developing a new Social Media Strategy to have a better positive impact on the reputation of the University of Fribourg. March 2016, I worked as a journalist in a Internship for the World Health Organization at the United Nation in Geneva, Switzerland, which makes me enter into that diplomatic field with all the underlined processes of political investigation. This experience was definitly a turning point for my personal growth. For the moment I’m also working on a Startup Project at the Institute for Value Based Entrepreneurship in Bern, Switzerland. So I’m generally very motivated to bring some good positive changes into our world with high dynamic mindset. That’s why I would be so happy and grateful to attend the next Open Government Summit 2016 in Paris to bring new skills into my future personal development and contributed to share this incoming knowledge to make a better world for everyone. Rosalyne Marie Reber