I was born in 1967 in village Dian, when Armenia was a part of USSR. I graduated from Armavir secondary school N1 with gold medal of excellence in 1984. In 1988 I graduated from Yerevan Institute of National Economy with qualification of Economist. I have started public activism since I was working in Armavir Art College as deputy chief and manager in admin relations in 1992 – 2004. I was more actively engaged with civil society when I started working in CCDI/IFES as a trainer in Armavir region in 2004 – 2005.
In 2005 me together with active people from my region established “Armavir Development Center” NGO and I was elected as the executive director of the newly established organization. During 11 years of activities, “Armavir Development Center” NGO became one of the lead organizations in Armenia. The NGO adopted three main strategic directions: improvement and consolidation of democratic system, support of civil society, and sustain social and economic development. In order to meet these strategies, the NGO implemented various projects and initiatives in the sphere of advocacy, democracy, education, health, human rights and others. The NGO also implemented projects in women rights protection sphere, particularly, studied domestic violence and gender employment in Armavir. “Armavir development Center” NGO have a great impact on organizing and helding democratic elections. I am active before and during Presidential, Parliamentarian and local elections as an independent expert and as the executive director of “Armavir Development Center” NGO. As the leader of ADC NGO I trained volunteers and they controlled the voter’s list. The results were sent to the responsible authorities after the monitoring and published online. Me and my NGO is also active during the elections conducting observation. The presence of independent observers had a good impact on the results of elections and the possible electoral violations were decreased. I also worked in international organizations, conducted a number of trainings, seminars, workshops, conferences, and was an expert in various projects. I myself passed trainings and seminars in Armenia, Georgia, Thailand, Turkey, Czech Republic, Latvia, Russia, Romania, Italy. I studied the experience of above-mentioned countries and tried to use them in my native country to strengthen the civil society, develop democratic values, rights protection, effective partnership between government and civil society.
Since 2009 the NGO has operated the Anti Corruption Center of Armavir and I am the director of the Center. I have initiated various system-level and procedural reforms during the Center operation. Particularly, I initiated some legislative steps in the sphere of Pension system of RA, functions of Offices of Vital Records, Health and Social Security spheres. Remaining close to the ideas of NGO I protected a number of citizens’ rights in the frame of ACC’s operation ignoring all obstacles. I and our NGO struggle for transparent and participatory government. The NGO implements capacity development of local self government bodies with her leadership, as the development of local self government system and the freedom of them promote development of democracy. The organization organized several town halls in order to engage people to participate in decision making processes. I received the “Woman of Courage” award in 2013 from the U.S. Embassy, Delegation of EU in Armenia, the U.K. Embassy in Armenia, the OSCE office in Yerevan, Council of Europe office in Yerevan and Counterpart International Company in Armenia.