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I help organizations to implement local democracy and participation using collaborative processes and digital tools.

After two masters, one in Political science and another in management, I am a PhD candidat at the University of Geneva working on the inhabitants role in the production of the city and citizenship in an urban and digital environement.

As an urban activist, I act in differents fields to explore news ways of urbanity : urban planing design, e-citizenship, urban ecology, comunitarian action and public art. I realized a documentary about these subjects in Caracas in 2007.

I created two business in social economy in Barcelona. The first in ecological food distribution, and the other to improve communication and logistics between consumers and productors.

As a researcher, I have been in charge of an urban renewal project to implement collaboratives process aimed to design public spaces. I also have used this methodology to coordinate 100in1day movement in Switzerland. In 2015, I worked as a scientific collaborator in the urban palnning master degree at the University of Geneva.

I am currently both a freelance consultant and am also working for the municipality of Geneva, where I am in charge of coordinating local projects specializing in social inclusivity and participation. I am also taking part of an innovation program in public administration towards digital tools and design thinking methodology. I also regularly speak at events and conferences.

In my free time I am an alpinist enthusiast, always looking forward to exploring new peaks and regions.