I am 21 years old, graduated from Maastricht University, European studies and founded an NGO called "cube. Your take on Europe"", for which I am working full time. "cube." is concerned with young citizen participation at the EU level- informing, engaging and empowering the voice of young Europeans is its goal. Empowering young voices has always been my passion. In high school, I was elected as the pupils representative of the city of Munich, engaging in educational policies. During my studies, I coordinated a student conference project called "Student Forum Maastricht" bringing together 50 young Europeans to develop policy proposals and engage with representatives of the European Commission. "cube." grew out of my experience in engaging youth with politics. Next to my political engagement, I founded several sustainability projects concerned with food waste, making a sustainable lifestyle accessible for everyone and zero waste, a concept by which I'm living, blogging and on which I am giving workshops about.