Regional Programme Co-ordinator Rudy Petras is an expert in development co-operation, statistics and institutional capacity building. He has 20 years of experience -- 10 of which in Africa -- managing development programs in the field of statistics, data, aid management and institutional strengthening. In his current role, Rudy leads PARIS21's work in Francophone Africa to improve strategic planning in statistical development, secure more and better funding for statistics, and to develop innovative approaches at the institutional and technical levels. Prior to PARIS21, Rudy worked for more than six years for Development Gateway in Kenya and Senegal. In that position he led a programme implementing innovative services, IT solutions and capacity building activities for governments in 25 countries around the world, with a strong focus in Africa. Rudy also previously worked for 10 years at the OECD/DCD, as a statistician and policy analyst on several topics, including development finance, transparency, aid effectiveness, trade capacity building, and data and information management. Rudy has a master's in Industrial and Services Economics and a master's in Econometrics.