SKilled in ICT through Training and Human Resource/corporate resource Management, I rose from a Registry Clerk in 1996 to be the General Secretary of the Malawi Posts and Communications workers Union with over 12,000 membership. Through My leadership i succeeded in improving conditions of work and policy reforms including participating in the development and enactment of the Communications act no41 which provided for the deregulation of posts and telecoms in Malawi. The enactment meant Posts will operate as a statutory entity while Telecoms was to be an independent private entity. I , with friends saw through the management of Workers between these two entities with some getting three months salaries for each complete year of service among numerous other benefits.

My success at MPTCWU opened new opportunities for me and saw me saving as the Deputy Secretary General of Malawi's Largest federation of workers the Malawi congress of Trade Unions between 2004 to 2008 and as Secretary General from 2008 to 2012 where i oversaw the adoption of a number of policies and legal instruments namely the Mandatory Pensions Act, The decent work Country Programme, National employment and labour policy, OSH Policy, Malawi Growth and development strategies 1 & 2. All these were instruments which i directly participated in the effort to provide for the oppressed, most vulnerable and marginalised members of the society.

Currently i am serving as the Chairperson for Human rights consultative Committee, a grouping of over 97 NGOs on Governance,Democracy, Human rights and rule of law among others. I also seat on the Malawi Construction Sector Transparency Initiative (COST MALAWI) and the Malawi Economic Justice Network- a member of the Transparency Initiative and supporter/National Advocate on Open Governance.

All these structures have greatly built my capacity to advocate, engage and advance rights and open governance approach to national business including fighting corruption where necessary.

Education wise i have studied Human resource Management, Corporate resources management, Labour policy management, Migration, Social Protection, Information technology, Financial Management, Regional Integration, Human rights and International Relations on matters of rights- just to mention a few.