I am the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Foundation for African Integrity (Fairafriq), he was formerly work as freelance, a financial adviser in real estates, a probation officer and resettlement officer in various local government in England for youths offenders. Our foundation aim  to raising leaders with integrity and developing community. We are  currently working on projects (NEET) in England, USA (High school dropout) and in Africa ( Nigeria) building our first Montessori integrity school of thought which under construction and will be launched in Nigeria next year for the Orphans and less privilege children.  I am a motivator of youths, a counsellor, a public speaker and a great community leader. I  have in the foundation initiate corporate strategy andpolicies, represent and present several papers in Strategic leadership conference inWashington DC, USA., managing the affair of the corporation and see that all orders and resolution are carried out. My mission is to see that youths are raised to be the best for their community and nations at large