Formerly working with the Ministry of Primary Industries, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Department of Conservation and the Maori Land Court/Ministry of Justice. I have over 15 years’ international policy development experience in the United Nations area of food security and malnutrition and more broadly in education, health, human rights, justice, environmental and cultural rights related to Indigenous Peoples and civil societies.    I have worked closely on development issues both nationally – Crown-Maori Economic Growth Partnership – and internationally – the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. I am part of IITC – an organization of Indigenous Peoples from North, Central, South America, the Caribbean and the Pacific – and represents them on a global committee on Food Security within the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO).  I am an international advocate for food security in the areas of connecting smallholders to markets, fisheries and aquaculture, land tenure, agriculture investment, nutrition, price volatility, protracted crisis and conflict, climate change and biofuels.   I have a law degree, and have been active in working with Inidigenous Peoples throughout Aotearoa/NZ in diverse areas like petroleum and mineral exploration and shared resource management.