Bibhusan Bista is the CEO and co-founder of YoungInnovations, a software development firm based in Nepal. With background in technology, research and international development, he has led successful projects around open data, transparency, accountability and other development issues in collaboration with various local and international partners. Under his leadership, YoungInnovations, from a small startup in 2009 has grown to be a global technology service provide in International Development and works with governments, development agencies and private sectors in different parts of the world to address development challenges using ICTs.

He is actively engaged in advocating and developing solutions related to open data and governance, open data and public procurement, open data and financial flows, and various other open data initiatives. Under his leadership, YoungInnovations has been providing open data solutions to various government and non-government agencies in Nepal and different parts of the world. The company is behind open data platforms and resources like Resource Contracts (, Nepal Open data Platform ( ),Moldova Open Contracting Portal (, etc. that have been developed in partnership with various agencies. The company has proven expertise in Open Data standards like OCDS and IATI and are providing solutions related to these in different geographies

Bibhusan is member of IATI Technical Advisory Group and is behind AidStream ( ) – one of the most widely used platform for organizations to publish data in IATI standard. He is also a steward of International Open Data Charter group and is one of the core members of Open Nepal Consortium, that is the first ever network in Nepal to discuss and mainstream the agenda of Open Data in Nepalese context. He is often found sharing his insight on open data and open government issues to government and other stakeholders. He is part of the committee on Open Government Data formed recently by the government in Nepal.

Bibhusan is passionate about piloting initiatives related to Open Data at the local level that as a bottom-up approach to mainstream open data practices. Following the recent earthquake in Nepal, he and his team have been working on an open data project called Earthquake Response Tracking System ( ) that is aimed at tracking financial flows related to earthquake response. As part of the project, they have developed a comprehensive data model that is able to track financial flows , both from internal and external sources and eventually provide a platform to see how it has an impact on response and rebuilding efforts.

Prior to YoungInnovations, Bibhusan worked with Bellanet/ IDRC in Canada, and SAP International. Bibhusan is also a part-time faculty at Kathmandu College of Management and is actively engaged in nurturing tech-entrepreneurship in Nepal.