One way to facilitate positive change is to be the change you wish to see in the society. This requires actions that go beyond the actor - actions that have multiplier effects. Ridwan Adigun Sulaimon is a development crusader, a human rights enthusiast who loves to inspire people to take positive actions that hold government accountable and ensure positive change.

Ridwan is a Freedom of Information Expert, a Freedom of Expression, Internet rights and Freedoms Campaigner and an Anti-corruption activist. He currently woks with Media Rights Agenda, Lagos.

Ridwan holds a Bachelors Degree with Honours in Political Science from Lagos State University. He is a trained Corruption Risk Assessor and a scholar of Arabic and Islamic Studies.

Stemming from his strong belief in inspiring people, he has taught in five different Secondary Schools where he organised students and staff to campaign on a range of actions affecting their host communities.

Having realised the need to escalate and institutionalise his campaign of holding governments accountable, Ridwan joined the Centre for Constitutionalism and Militarisation where he helped the organisation to monitor and document human rights violations in 2013 which formed the organisation's annual report "State of Human Rights in Nigeria."

Furthering his human rights activism, Ridwan joined Media Rights Agenda and has worked on issues of Freedom of Information, Freedom of Expression, Anticorruption and Open Government. Ridwan has trained many tens of Journalists and many Community Development Associations on Nigeria's Freedom of Information Act, 2011. He is currently working with a number of Community Development Associations and assisting them in using the Freedom of Information Act to ensure service delivery to the said communities.

Ridwan is Currenly the Secretary to the Working Group of Public Procurement Monitors in Nigeria and the Working Group is now working (with Support from UNDP) on a platform of open Contracting that would facilitate Civil Society Engagement in open government and public procurement monitoring.