I work for the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) in the Corporate Responsibility Department in charge of the Citizens' Social Councils that are responsible for Transparency, Active Participation, Accountability and Open Governance.

We have recently taken part in the OPG Summit in Athens on 13 October that was organized by the Ministry of the Interior and Administrative Reform, where we were honored to speak to the participants about our Social Audit Councils. The establishment and function of these Civic Consultations is a unique example of participatory Social Control and Open Governance and as such it is of particular importance for the wider perspective of Open Governance in my country. 

This innovative initiative of ours is relevant to the Open Governance Partnership work and this is the reason why I strongly believe that attending the Summit will be beneficial for me and my Organization. I really look forward to sharing best practices, learning from those with longer experience and track record, networking, participating and being part of this attempt to make our Organizations and Governments open, transparent, integral, accountable, participatory and democratic.